Quarter Midget Racing 

Friday, August 16, 2024

12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

On West 9 Mile Rd, in downtown Ferndale

Bring the entire family to check out the quarter midget race cars and meet the kids who drive them.

What is Quarter Midget Racing? It is racing for kids ages 5-16. Racers are divided into various classes based upon age, weight, engine type and ability levels.  All newcomers into the sport are required to pass through a rookie training program at the club level prior to entry into a competitive racing class.

Youth racing cars are built around a tubular frame and are fully suspended with springs or torsion bars and shocks, and bodies that are made from fiberglass or aluminum, and usually painted to the driver’s preference.

Quarter Midget Racing is not a "drop off your kid" kind of activity, but an involved family sport. Few other sports permit all members of the family to participate. The kids do the driving while other family members serve as pit crews, chief mechanics, scorers, time keepers, track workers and operators of concession stand, etc.

Quarter Midget Racing is part of the Michigan Motorsports Racing Association (MMRA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in April 1962 dedicated to youth racing.

The MMRA club and track are located on the grounds of the Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club in Clarkston, Michigan. The track is 1/20th of a mile and is a USAC Sanctioned Club. MMRA is a member of the Midwest Thunder Quarter Midget Racing Series which includes 10 separate quarter midget clubs from Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

Our club oversees local club races, along with regional events. The purpose of MMRA is to provide children and their families an environment that fosters healthy sportsmanship, friendship, family interaction, generosity, and responsibility through a safe and exciting outdoor sport.

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